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Welcome to the place were I humbly share what I know.

Does change petrify you? Or, perhaps do you abandon your pursuits? Don't worry, I got you!!!


Change will challenge your vulnerability, fears, and your relationship with uncertainty. At those moments, the temptation to return back to the comforts you left behind will be quite strong. 

My goal is to enable you to fight through those moments and to keep going. 

I put this course together based on the motivational speech I gave (mentioned in my book). Since then, I have combined what I learned on that journey with what I learned while studying for my masters and working in corporate America.

As you embark on your big leap, your new passion, or any endeavor that your heart has called you to do, this course is designed to give you the mindset tools and best practices to set you up for success. 

I hope you enjoy! 


Stephanie Wilson

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